Leeds Website Design for just £200 !!

Yep, you can get a Website in Leeds built for just £200.

If you;re looking for Leeds Website Design, then you’re in the right place.   You see, in todays modern age of the internet, a website is absolutely vital.

But so many companies don’t have one, or if they do, it’s years old, out of date (and looks it!) or the content hasn’t been updated in ages.

Leeds Website Design

Leeds Website Design


So instead of paying £000s for a new website, we wanted to show you how to get one for just £200 !

The Digital Brand Agency has a and amazing package  for just £200.

It includes upto 5 pages, allows you to update it yourself (it’s hosted on wordpress) and even allows you to see how many visitors it attracts every day (we have tracking built in to it – all you need to do is log in and take a look !)

Here’s a podcast about websites – keep an eye out for more videos too …

In todays world, it’s about being seen as much as possible – and getting your website out there on social media is absolutely key.


But so is tracking the number of visitors your site gets.

It’s pretty simple – the more visitors your site has, the more eyeballs can see your products and service, the more leads you generate, the more money you make.

But I see so many people with poor website designs that even if they have visitors, they tend not to stay very long, or the amount of content they have makes it look like a ghost town – nobody visits.

And with such little content, what are people supposed to do other than go off and look elsewhere ?

Having a website and not focussing on visitors is like buying a Ferrari and not putting petrol in it.

Your visitors are the petrol (the website is the Ferrari – it’s a metaphor!!)

So look, click the link – and take a look.  If you’re not sure what you need, complete one of their forms – and get some good old fashioned honest advice.


Speak soon


Daniel Latto

Leeds Website Design never looked so good !

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